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The Pinnacle Loans Launches instant Quote™ Technology

Updated: Jan 5

The Pinnacle Loans, an experienced, passionate, forward-thinking, residential mortgage corporation recently launched instant Quote™. instant Quote™ provides real time customized estimates for the entire mortgage transaction, including real-time rate/apr, down payment, principal and interest monthly payment, taxes, home owners insurance, PMI, mortgage insurance, funding fees, pre-paids, initial escrow set up, total check/cash to close, and more. According to Chris Gianino, Pinnacle's President, "If everyone knew how much lower our rates and costs are, everyone would use The Pinnacle Loans for their mortgage. We created instant Quote™ to inform and empower our clients with real time mortgage estimates anytime, anywhere."

instant Quote™ is the first of several product innovations to launch in 2020. The Pinnacle Loans remains focused on providing a seamless digital mortgage experience which provides substantial savings for their clients while maintaining a physical presence in the communities they serve.

instant Quote™

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