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From CBC Soccer to Closing Deals: How Two Local High School Soccer Stars Became home town Mortgage Mavericks

Updated: Jan 6

In the heartland of St Louis Missouri, where Friday night lights illuminate dreams, a story unfolds of two young men who traded cleats for closing statements. This isn't your typical tale of high school sports glory fading into forgotten jerseys. This is the saga of Bill Lally and Chris Gianino, two CBC soccer stars who went on to conquer the competitive, cutthroat world of mortgage lending, not as rivals, but as triumphant business partners.

CBC 1994 Freshman Team Record 20-0-0
CBC 1994 Freshman Team Record 20-0-0

Their journey began in 1994 on the sun-drenched fields of CBC High, where Lally, the play making visionary, and Gianino, the rock-solid center midfielder, forged a bond forged in sweat, strategy, and a shared passion for the beautiful game. They weren't just teammates; they were confidantes, pushing each other to excel both on and off the pitch. It was during their preseason camps, after school practices, pre-game mindsets and post-victory celebrations after finishing their initial season 20-0-0, that the seeds of their future partnership were sown.

Their unique skill sets proved to be a match made in mortgage heaven. Lally, with his infectious enthusiasm and people skills, charmed clients, built relationships, and helped craft a brand of innovation and value. Gianino, with his meticulous attention to detail, action oriented mindset, and vast mortgage origination experience, ensured every loan was closed flawlessly. Soon, their names became synonymous with success, their client list growing as fast as their reputation.

In the bustling, historic halls of St. Louis, a legendary mortgage team emerged. We're not talking about some dusty prospector panning for gold in the Mississippi, but a mortgage team so sharp they're closing deals faster than a riverboat gambler on a lucky streak. Within 2 years, Lally and Gianino's Pinnacle Loans became the hottest property in town, with several major mortgage company pulling out their six-shooters in a thrilling recruitment showdown.

The Bidding War Heats Up:

The air is thick with the scent of opportunity and ambition. Companies are tossing around six-figure signing bonuses like poker chips, dangling equity stakes like shiny nuggets, and promising custom-built marketing campaigns to woo the Mortgage Mavericks.

Lally and Gianino weren't content with just being top salespeople. They craved the autonomy and control to truly shape their own destiny. So, with a leap of faith that mirrored their daring runs down the field, they launched their own mortgage company – "Pinnacle Real Estate Advisor Home Loans, AKA. The Pinnacle Loans"

Today, nearly 10 years later, The Pinnacle Loans Loans is a thriving mortgage company headquartered on the hill in St. Louis, a testament to the hard work, dedication, and unwavering friendship of its two founders. They've not only helped countless families achieve the dream of homeownership, but they've also inspired a generation of young athletes to believe that teamwork, perseverance, and a little bit of imagination

Co-founders, The Pinnacle Loans
Co-founders, The Pinnacle Loans

can turn even the most ambitious dreams into reality.

So, the next time you see a CBC soccer game, remember that the legacy of these two young men extends far beyond the final whistle. They may have traded their jerseys for suits, but the spirit of camaraderie, resilience, and the unyielding pursuit of victory still burns bright, not just on the scoreboard, but also in the boardrooms of one of Missouri's top ranked mortgage firms. This is their story, a story that proves that sometimes, the greatest victories are won not on the field, but in the unwavering belief in the power of friendship, partnership, and brotherhood.


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